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www.aka.ms.yourpc will be the pairing process that is insecure that is, in most cases, one device will believe that the process is completed while another is trying for it to be completed. In this article, we'll go over simple steps to pair the two devices.

To receive Android notifications to your computer requires downloading"Your Phone "Your Phone" app on both your computer as well as the mobile device you wish to connect with. In the majority of instances, aka.ms/yourpc is the address you'll need to go towards the Google Play Store, download and install the application for your Android phone. However some models come with this feature pre-installed under the title "Link to Windows," which includes those with the Surface Duo and select Samsung Galaxy handsets.

Enter your Code: www.aka.ms.yourpc

  • Visit www.aka.ms.yourpc in your web browser.

  • You'll see an 8 digit number displayed on the screen.

  • Input the 8-digit code that appears on your smartphone or application screen.

Benefits of linking the Smartphone to an Windows OS device

Following the launch of this feature, Microsoft made it quite easy to control smartphones using Windows. Here are some of the benefits of this feature function:

  • Transfer content seamlessly It all starts with the fundamental benefits of this program. In the last few years, users were downloading third-party apps to transfer contents between their devices. Actually, when using USB cables, too they were for a long time and not appropriate to transfer content. With this software, people can download unlimited files in only several minutes. It's so quick and secure that your data will not be divulged to anyone.

  • Access to applications This is another advantage to using this feature on Windows You can use all of your apps downloaded on your smartphone with no interruption. However, users must be connected to the internet in order to complete the sync process to occur and then, users will be able to view their mobile apps on larger screens.

  • Perform actions We've talked about the possibility of accessing the application with a larger screen. However, you can also perform actions in those applications as well. Imagine, someone is calling you through WhatsApp. By using this option, you can respond to your call on a larger screen, and do all you can do on your phone.

  • Access to smartphones - Transferring calls, making calls, or even accessing the apps is pleasing. However, this feature is capable of doing more than you imagine. Now, you can connect to your entire smartphone using this application. Explore your gallery and also videos.
    These were the essential benefits of linking the Smartphone to Windows OS via
    www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc. We are now going examine the steps involved in linking, as well as the prerequisites of connecting a smartphone to the PC.

Requirements to link www.aka.ms/yourpc phone

In this article we will go over the necessary requirements needed for connecting your mobile to your laptop or PC therefore, just go through the list below:

  • Phone Companion application The most basic program that you have to install on your phone. You can download it directly by visiting www.aka.ms.yourpc. This link will direct users to Microsoft's official site of Microsoft and, from there, you can download it at any time without interruption. However, remember that you must download it from Microsoft's official Microsoft website through this link or from your phone's Play store.

  • Companion software for Windows OS - The other essential software you require is to verify the existence of a companion app for phones for the operating system of your Microsoft Windows. Search in the search bar, type in "Phone link" and if it appears in the search results , select the image. Or, you can make sure you update to update your Windows to the most recent version Windows then the phone icon should show up. Since it's compatible to only Windows 10 and the later versions.
    Wi-Fi connectivity: The third essential prerequisite your device must meet for is a reliable and reliable internet connection. This means that your phone can be connected to your PC directly, and be able to connect to all the apps and features directly from the laptop or computer.

Requirements for Linking the Phone to Windows PC

Although the list isn't all that long, there are the most important requirements needed for connecting a mobile to a Windows PC:

  • Your Phone Companion- Link to Windows app for your Android device Do not be concerned in case you don't have this app installed on your Android device. We have an easy solution- go to an internet browser on your smartphone and then go to www.aka.ms.yourpc. This will take your to the Official page for Your Phone Companion on the Google Play Store.

  • Your Phone app on your Windows PC: users who have Windows 10 version and above updates starting 10 October 2018 should already be running the Your Phone app installed on their computer.

  • WiFi connection Both devices need to be connected to an efficient solid and reliable internet connectivity in order to prevent any interruption.

How to Connect Windows PC to Phone?

Follow the steps below to easily connect Windows PC to the phone.

If you're starting on an Android smartphone:

  • Install the Your Phone Companion- Link to Windows app on your device by visiting www.aka.ms.yourpc on a web browser.

  • Log into to the application using your Microsoft accounts that you used to sign in to your computer. Make sure you're signed in using the same account on your computer in order to ensure that the process won't be successful.

  • After successful registration and successful login, the app prompts users to scan an QR code that will be displayed on your computer.

  • Open a browser on your PC for the QR code and search/ go to www.aka.ms/linkphone.

  • If Your Phone app is preinstalled on your computer, the website will prompt users to open the application. When you click ' Open Your Phone The application will open and display the QR code to scan.

  • Scanning this code on the Android phone.

  • A set of permissions for your device will be required by your phone, you must accept these permissions in order to allow your PC to access the files from the phone.

  • After the process is completed when the process is completed, both devices will be connected for you to take advantage of all the advantages.

If you're beginning your PC from the start:

  • You can install Your Phone Your Phone app on your Windows PC through the Microsoft Store.

  • When you click the search button in the taskbar type in search on Your Phone. Open the app using the results.

  • Choose the model of phone that is appropriate (Android).

  • Then log in with Your Microsoft account. The account you use is the same as that used to log into the phone.

  • You can install your Your Phone Companion app on your Android phone. To do that, visit aka.ms/yourpc on your phone's internet browser. This link will take you to the Google Play Store's website for the app , or it will start Your Phone Companion. Your Phone Companion app preinstalled on your phone.

  • Connect to this companion app using identical Microsoft account that you use on your PC. A screen that scans the QR code will appear within the handset.

  • Return to your computer and choose one of the choices below:

    • "I use my Your Phone Companion app installed on my phone"This will show an QR code that you have to scan across the phone.

    • "Pair with QR code' or 'Pair by hand' it will display a number that must be entered into your phone.

  • When the devices are connected Once connected, accept the permissions that are displayed by your screen. This will enable you to make the most of the capabilities offered by Your Phone.